Farm Happenings (in midst of May craziness)

Right now is such a crazy and exciting time for us here on  our little micro farm.So much going on to get us up and running and so many necessary projects that we need to complete. Did I mention that we both work full time and this is the busiest time of year at our full time jobs as well?

We made the decision to purchase an 853 BCS along with a rotary plow and power harrow attachment. I admit, I am finally beginning to feel excited although initially you could call that feeling more nausea than excitement.  Hopefully it will be here this week or early next week. My husband feels like it is Christmas as he tried a smaller BCS that we found for rental locally and used to start tilling up our beds. This also feels like a real commitment, there is no going back now. The bank account is debited, we are now all in.

Now we will be able to construct raised beds this year, instead of waiting a year or more or trying to use in appropriate tools to do the job. Also, the time we will save in seed bed prep and seed costs will be so worth it.   I have also realized the beauty of a well made hoe and have plans to buy several more. I am considering a wheel hoe, for being able to whisk down the path ways (once we build them) but that will be a next year expenditure probably. 

Once we hurry up and break ground, I can plant our summer heat loving crops which are bursting out of their transplant areas. My squash is not happy, it wants to be planted.  Then, assuming I can work some persuasive powers we will need to build our first hoop house (or 2), prep the ground, move our existing rabbits to one end and plant winter crops on the other.  Along with that we need to construct low tunnels for winter.

Inside, I have plans to build a germination room so we can maintain appropriate temps and humidity. We lost a lot of plant vigor from too low temperatures and now that we will presumable have season extension buildings in place we will be able to plant much sooner next spring.

Also at some point this summer we need to rip off our entire roof, put in new trusses, tear off and install new shingles. This doesn’t include all my side excel sheet data tracking projects for the rabbits and the garden, getting an accounting system into place as well as as sales and marketing materials and a better record keeping system for the crops.

I will let you know more about the BCS once we get it. I’m sure we will be pretty busy playing for the next couple of weeks though.  This post reads a bit like I’ve had a gallon of coffee to drink but I wanted to give my lovelies updates before I go to work work work.